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Company Profile

Suzhou Beayta Precision Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacturing of high-end valve automation equipment and testing equipment. We adhere to continuous independent innovation and provide customers with the best and most advanced intelligent equipment. Currently, the valve business unit of the company has applied for 13 patents, and multiple patent technologies are pioneering in the industry. The company integrates system design, electrical control, manufacturing and maintenance, with modern information technology as the core, integrating modern logistics technology, computer artificial intelligence technology, intelligent sensor technology Various valve automation assembly production lines, fully automatic valve inspection and testing equipment, automatic grinding machines, valve torque testing machines, valve flow resistance testing systems, automatic valve machining loading and unloading, and digital factory landing solutions designed and developed based on modern control theory and methods: widely used in industrial valve manufacturers, applicable valve types include ball valves, butterfly valves, gate stop valves, regulating valves, safety valves Pneumatic actuators and other products. Our company mainly operates automatic valve testing machine, valve automatic assembly production line, actuator cylinder test assembly line.

The company focuses on market segmentation, business focuses on the field of valve intelligent equipment, controls market leadership rhythm, focuses on building core competitiveness of products, continuously develops new products, and forms a brand culture of products. In recent years, the company has continuously developed industry-leading production equipment in the field of valve intelligent assembly. While meeting valve leakage detection and assembly process standards, the equipment detection accuracy and safety have been improved, and automation has been improved through human-machine integration to achieve data-driven and intelligent operations. The company will continue to optimize existing equipment and develop new products, and quickly push them to the market to meet changing market demands.

The company has introduced a professional R&D technical team, consisting of professional and technical talents such as master's students from well-known universities in China and senior engineers. The core team of the company has rich experience in design, production, and sales in the valve testing press industry. In 2022, under the leadership of the company's technical director, the company successfully developed the first fully automatic assembly production line for industrial ball valves both domestically and internationally, which utilizes a CCD visual system. Obtaining valve furnace number, serial number, and product material information, using a FID card reader to connect with the customer's company database, automatic type change processing can be achieved. The entire line is equipped with 6 six six axis machines for automatic assembly, fully automatic testing, automatic branding, and automatic welding of nameplates. The process was successfully passed customer acceptance in November 2022, achieving significant breakthroughs in the intelligent valve assembly industry and winning praise from many customers in the industry.

The company has always adhered to the service philosophy of strengthening service and putting customers at the center. We focus on customer needs and experiences, do practical and detailed service foundation work, help customers solve problems, and quickly respond to customer needs. Strengthen the concept of refined management. Do well and strive for excellence; Accurate, punctual, and accurate information and decision-making; Refine operations, refine management, and pay attention to details; Strictly implement institutional standards and procedural regulations: actively explore integrated innovation, strengthen integrated innovation, and organically integrate various related technologies to form competitive products or industries. Efforts should be made to introduce, open up and cooperate, take its essence and discard its dross, so as to become the most dynamic and vital enterprise in the market.

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