Possible faults of butterfly valves and their elimination methods


1. The sealing surface is leaking, and there are debris sandwiched between the butterfly plate and sealing ring of the butterfly valve.

2. The butterfly valve's butterfly plate and sealing closing position do not match properly.

3. The export is equipped with flange bolts that are under equal or no pressure.

4. The pressure test direction did not meet the requirements.


1: Eliminate impurities and clean the valve chamber.

2. Adjust the limit screws of the worm gear or electric actuator to ensure the correct valve closing position.

3. Check the flange plane and bolt tightening force, which should be evenly tightened,

4. Spin in the direction of the arrow

Fault: Leakage on both ends of the valve 1. Failure of sealing gaskets on both sides, 2. Uneven or non tightened pressure on the pipe flange.

Elimination method: 1. Replace the sealing gasket. 2. Tighten the flange bolts evenly.

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