Servo rotary riveting press


      Suzhou Beate Precision Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. today launched the advanced automatic rotary riveting equipment, which mainly uses CNC technology and servo motor control system, which can achieve high-speed and high-precision rotation, machining and riveting operations. It can give you the following five unexpected functions:

      1.  High precision: servo motor control system and high-precision sensors can achieve accurate processing and riveting operation, helping users to reduce product

defect rate.

      2.  High production efficiency: The processing speed of the rotary riveting press is very fast, which can save a lot of time and dividends and improve production efficiency.

      3.  Diversified operation: different operations can be operated according to needs, which greatly improves the flexibility and diversity of riveting.

     4.  Energy saving and environmental protection: The servo rotary riveting machine has developed energy-saving and low-noise equipment in order to protect the environment, which greatly reduces the impact on the environment.

    5.  Low cost: It is worth noting that compared with the traditional manual process, the servo rotary riveting machine has a relatively low cost, and the operation is simple, reducing operating costs.

      The servo rotary riveting press launched by Suzhou Beate Precision Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. is an important equipment currently used in the automotive field, which is one of the key equipment to

achieve high-speed, high-efficiency and high-precision riveting in the process of automobile assembly and manufacturing. It has a global impact, Its intellectualization、The characteristics of high efficiency and high precision are widely recognized and accepted by manufacturers and producers in various industries. In the automotive industry, Servo rotary riveting press is widely used in the riveting of body structure parts. Many automobile manufacturers around the world choose servo rotary riveting presses to improve production efficiency and product quality.

       The process is divided into many kinds: One station manual loading turntable consists of twelve fixtures→Two-station automatic feeding bushing By vibration plate, belt line, electric cylinder, cylinder into

the product positioning→Three stations to press the bushing into the specified depth for press-fit→Four stations for automatic feeding cover Put the cover above the liner in the product→Five working position rotary riveting and wax spraying The product is put into the rotary riveting station by the transfer platform for wax spraying and rotary riveting to reach the specified demand of the product and put it back into the plate for height test.→Six-station camera inspection→Seven-Position Torque Test Measures the Torque of Rotary Riveting→Eight-station general gauge test→Nine-station turntable unloading The product is moved to the marking station by the electric cylinder After marking, scan the code After scanning the code, move to the next positioning fixture to flip After turning over, the back section of the press-fit nut assembly is taken from the turning station by the manipulator and put into the nut press-fit station, and then the nut manipulator puts the nut into the position where the product is to be press-fit. The manipulator fetches the nut by the vibrating plate loading the press-fit nut by the oil cylinder hydraulic station. Pressure sensor displacement sensor test press-fit nut detection After the press is completed, the robot will take it away and put it into the transfer platform to locate it and let go of the robot. →The blanking position is removed by the electric cylinder, moved to the blanking line body and put into the blanking line to complete the processing.


          We summarize the significance of the servo rotary riveting press is an indispensable equipment in modern industry: High efficiency and high precision servo rotary riveting press innovates modern industrial processing methods. The servo rotary riveting press brings the riveting process into the era of intelligent equipment. Riveting accuracy and efficiency can be greatly improved to ensure product quality. The servo rotary riveting press has become the best choice for riveting processing in the automotive industry. final,We hope that by publicizing the features and applications of the servo rotary riveting press, Promote the popularization and application of such modern industrial equipment, A greater role in industrial production, To provide customers with better products and services.

      Beate brand, easily win the future.

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