Laser scrap machine: efficient processing of metal scrap


The working steps of the laser scrap machine: first, through the artificial feeding station ------ vibration feeding ---- camera recognition, the manipulator grabs the workpiece to move to the ablation position ------ laser ablation parts ------ under to the turnover box, The components of the laser scrapping machine: water chiller - dust purifier - turnover car - laser control box - 4-axis robot - ring flexible feeding mechanism - touch screen - industrial control computer - housing.

The outer cover of the equipment is made of SPCC steel plate, and the overall colour of the paint RAL7035 plate is bright, which can play a very good protective role. The equipment is equipped with a camera, and the internal situation of the equipment is observed through the display device. Its filtration system is divided into pre-filter, main filter and gas filter. The working environment of the laser scrap machine: power supply AC380V ± 10%, three-phase five-wire system, 50HZ.Factory ambient temperature: -10 ~ 45 ° Humidity: 45% ~ 95%. Air source 0.6MP. Electrical system: a. The operation panel is equipped with the action decomposition button to facilitate the debugging and maintenance of equipment (the operation panel shows the intention) Power control: power source switch, power indicator light, emergency stop.System display: three-color indicator. Three color lights: from top to bottom position for red, yellow, green. Red light always on - fault exists. Flashing yellow light - ejection unit in motion. Green light is always on - no parts are moving. Equipment extreme resistance: ≥ 12MΩ.

On the equipment after-sales problem: equipment quality guarantee period: within two years of equipment non-human quality problems, by our free maintenance, by your man-made damage, we do not assume responsibility, for maintenance, the cost of the two sides to resolve through consultation; We guarantee the normal use of the equipment in accordance with the technical requirements after confirmation; If the equipment fails, we will propose a solution within 24 hours after receiving your phone (or fax), and eliminate the failure within the time accepted by the buyer;After the acceptance of the equipment, we have the responsibility to provide free technical support and training to your relevant personnel on the use and maintenance of the equipment. And provide the following equipment information: mechanical and electrical main standard components list mechanical design assembly\ / assembly drawings and parts drawings, circuit diagrams. Equipment Operation Instructions Spare Parts List, Training Place: Your Factory.

The advantages of laser scrap machine: improve efficiency: reduce the end of employee fatigue, improve production capacity. Reduce artificial: man-machine combination, reduce the production time for employees. Quality assurance: the quality is guaranteed, the data can be set adjustable, high precision, to avoid manual leakage, leakage. Traceability: Each production data is stored and can be traced to its source.Not only that, the processing speed is particularly fast: the laser scrap machine uses the laser to directly process the metal, which can achieve efficient scrap processing. The straightness, focus and stability of the laser beam is very high, can achieve high accuracy of heating and processing, accuracy can reach millimeter level, the laser beam directly on the metal heat, will not have physical or chemical effects on the metal material, can ensure that the performance of metal is not damaged. The laser scrap machine does not need to use other chemicals, does not produce pollutants and secondary pollution, and is a green and environmentally friendly scrap disposal method. The machine replaces human labor throughout.

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